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Natural Light solar lamp

€ 20,00

The aim of the Natural Light solar lamp is to bring clean, reliable, and affordable light to some of the 1.2 billion people living without electricity around the world. Currently, we strive for addressing the issue in off-grid regions in Africa. Therefore, for every Natural Light solar lamp you purchase, the VELUX Group will give one to these African regions. Together with the social business, Little Sun, the VELUX Group has already given more than 14,500 solar lamps to countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Sierra Leone. If you want to help us bringing more natural light to Africa; get your own solar lamp here, and you will naturally contribute with a Natural Light solar lamp to Africa’s off-grid regions.

Color: Blue
Feature: Button with multi-level dimming function


5 hours of charging in the sun makes the Natural Light solar lamp produces up to 50 hours of light and even more when using the dimmer


The Argentinians, Ms. Mariana and Mr. Luca Fondello, won the Natural Light International Design Competition and the honor of designing the solar lamp for the VELUX Group and Little Sun


The Natural Light solar lamp is manufactured in recyclable ABS and is highly weather and UV resistant. Besides this, it is ROHS and ISO certified for quality and consistency in production standards

How do I make an impact, today?


Purchase a Natural light solar lamp


The VELUX Group will then bring a Natural Light solar lamp to an area without electricity in Africa


People living in areas without electricity will thereby be able to cook, study, and work safely at night


Bringing Natural Light
to the World

 The Natural Light solar lamp is not only about providing energy to off-grid communities in Africa, it gives people the means to take charge of their own lives. By providing sustainable, reliable and affordable light, we’ve given people more independence and now they are able to work, study and cook safely in the dark. 

Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson, artist and founder of Little Sun